Get ready before the launch

The launch of a blog or site is a very important time in the life of a site. You want to start off with a bang. You want to make sure everything runs smoothly and with as little pressure on your part as possible. If you have at least 10 posts under your belt, when you make your site live, you can manage each move like a chess game.

Of course, don’t release all 10 posts at once. Release around four or five to begin with, then continue to release a new articles throughout the next two or three weeks. You want to micromanage every move you make, and getting the writing part out will be one less distraction. After you get your bearings and launch the site, hopefully your readers and fans will help promote your site and promotion ...Read More

Short attention span

Face it, people don’t want to spend all day sorting through your articles to find the information they want. They want to find information and they want it fast. So how do you provide your viewer with the most A.D.D. friendly environment? Think about them as pupils at school. 

I present here a list of ideas to keep in mind when designing a website and writing an article. These ideas originate from print media as they were the original pioneers in this area. I encourage you to reference and seek ideas from newspapers and magazines when you create the layout of a blog and individual articles.…

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8 Simple Rules For Engaging with Students For Better Results

I have recently worked with students who are getting ready for their high school equivalency exam, so we were practicing tests and many students were struggling. I was afraid that they would get demotivated and give up the course like they dropped out of high school. So I wanted to engage them and it worked. I need to say that I found one small website that help me get them engaged in learning again. They use a lot modern technology and this keeps students on the site. I don’t say this is the best one but a website with online prep like this one can work for you too.

So here are my tips for you on how to engage students for better results:

1) Ask Questions
Opinions are like noses, everybody’s got one.
Give people a reason to share their opinions by asking them questions ...Read More

37 Tips How To Create Viral Content

 Viral articles are word of mouth worthy, and will grow your site more so than any other kind of content. Creating word-of-mouth worthy content won’t bore your readers because what’s worth talking about is, in most cases, high quality. This is well know fact, accepted by every school of thought.

As long as you explore a variety of possibilities for virality, working on viral posts is one of the best ways to grow your site.

The list!

  1. Assemble one sentence/paragraph answers to a question you ask key figures across your niche.
  2. Create a time spectacle: create content non-stop over a designated period of time (8hrs, 24hrs?).
  3. Write a review of the redesign of a popular blog/website in your niche. Everyone has an opinion on redesigns and will appreciate someone laying out some of their own thoughts.
  4. Assemble a ...Read More

How to Start a Club at Your High School

Whenever I’m talking to students about activities for college applications, we end up talking about clubs. (Usually because I ask about them.) First off, what school doesn’t have at least one club? Unfortunately I usually hear that club membership can be more of a formality than an actual activity. It is easy to go to Club Day and join a bunch of clubs. But to actually stay interested and involved throughout the year – that is the actual challenge. Why? Because lots of students join clubs just for the sake of joining.

So I want to propose an idea. Why not start your own club this year? You might be thinking, how do I start a club? Easy – all you need is a teacher to offer their room at lunch and a few friends to join. (Of course, you will need to talk to your ...Read More

Am I Making A Book?!

“Whaatttttt?” you may ask.

My thoughts exactly. Well, it is coming true. After 4 years of going back and forth on writing and stop writing, I am FINALLY on the road to getting it done.

It hasn’t always been my dream to be a published author. In fact, it was the last thing I ever thought I would being doing. I was very much into fashion and designing. I enjoyed looking a beautiful clothing, and creating my own outfits in my head. I went to school for fashion design. I then pursued a BA in fashion marketing and management. So to be throwing all that to the wind and saying “Hey let’s write a book”, it is a foreign idea for me as well. So what the hell, I just go…others may have started that way too, who knows…

The inspiration hit when I took two years ...Read More

Because I Said So

I had an interview yesterday, and I made the second interview. A few hours beforehand I was sitting in my flat with butterflies doing all kinds of gymnastics in my stomach. I knew it was a big deal. I was being interviewed for the largest marketing agency in US. When I read that, it certainly messed with my head slightly.

And I was expecting some hot-shot interviewers, who would intimidate me and expect me to know everything about marketing. And I expected them to shoot me down when I got something wrong. And I expected them to disregard my ideas, because what they say goes. Because they said so.

But you know what? I had the most fun I’ve had all week. I’ve never laughed so hard with people I’ve never met before. Firstly, I tripped over before I entered the actual interview room. That certainly ...Read More

What is a Geek Dad

I came across this article by Matt Blum, which was recently reposted, about the annoying habits of a geeky spouse.  I read it and I find this to be spot on, and I am guilty of not only the 10 things in the post, but also of several accusations in the comments.  Yes, I have a lightsaber.  It was a Christmas gift.  We just can’t watch an Eddie Murphy or Bobcat Goldthwait stand-up, or Monty Python Movie without quoting 90% of it.  This annoys the children to no end, but it seems we have infected them as well.

One day, the whole bus, according to my daughter, broke out in the “campfire song song” (BOM BOM BOM), and began talking about selling chocolates.  In unison.   Repeatedly.  This was a bus full of high school students, not the grade ...Read More

Should You Go To The Same College as Your Friends?

I still remember getting my first acceptance letter from the first school I had applied too. My mom did the honors of reading the letter. The sound of her voice plays back in my head every time I think about it, “Congratulations! You have been accepted to Saint Mary’s College of California.” My parents were thrilled, that all these online programs helped me to get to the college, I was proud myself and my parents started to Tango in the living room, which was both embarrassing and awkward to watch even though no one else was around. I was pretty happy that a small, private liberal arts college near home had accepted me.

However, I wasn’t very excited about the fact that none of my friends had applied to (much less heard) of Saint Mary’s. I was scared that we would all ...Read More

Regrets, I Have A Few

What regrets do you have? I have quite a few. I know regretting things you have done or more importantly not done in your past is completely counterproductive but I can’t help thinking about them sometimes.

I love those movies where the protagonist says that they don’t have any regrets because everything they’ve done has brought them to that particular moment (or to the love of their life) or made them the person they are today.

That’s not me. I am happy with where I am in my life and feel very lucky to be here but I certainly have regrets; big ones, little ones, short ones, very long ones, trivial ones and life changing ones…basically many many regrets.…

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